My Confirmation Day By Aaron

My Confirmation day

I made my Confirmation on the 2nd of April this year. It was a beautiful sunny day. Over 100 children from St. Vincent's, St Columba's and Linsey Road school accompanied me in my journey to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. We had done a lot of preparation work leading up to our special day. We went to the church quite a lot coming up to the big day.

I woke up early that morning, excited about what was to come. I got dressed in my new clothes and my family and I made the short journey to St. Columba's church. It was a big day for my family as well as me.

The mass was beautiful, the priests Fr. Jim, Fr. Peter and Mons. John Fitzpatrick where quite funny and witty at times during the mass. When the mass was over I got my photo taken with Fr. Jim and Mons Fitzpatrick and also with some of my classmates. When we had finished at the church my family and I went out for lunch. I then went to visit my relatives. It was a long but beautiful day and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

By Aaron Wilson
Claremont Lawn
Age 12

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