Do This In Memory Story


Do This In Memory (By Lucie Clarke)

My name is Lucie Clarke. I am eight years old. I am in second class. I go to school in Saint Columbas Iona Road. I will be making my first Holy Communion on Saturday the sixth of June. I cannot wait. Since I started second-class last September all the first Holy
Communion girls have gone to a special mass once a month. It is always on a Saturday evening at six o clock.

The special mass is called The Do This in Memory programme. For mass we have to bring a special candle that was given to us last September. At the beginning of every mass the candles are lit and put in front of the altar. All the girls sit together and listen to Father Jim. We have learned all our prayers in school and we say them at mass. We go up to the altar and do the actions to the Our Father with Father Jim. I love that part of mass. Because we cannot take Holy Communion Father Jim gives us a blessing.


When mass is over Father Jim brings us over to the Do This in Memory stand where all our photos were placed. (Above)

I really love going to the masses and meeting all my friends. I cannot wait until I can receive first Holy Communion.

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