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Iona Road Parish

Parish Mission Statement

Welcome to the website of the parish of St Columba, Iona Road, Dublin.The parish of St. Columba is part of the Glasnevin Grouping of Parishes with the parishes of : Our Lady of Dolours, Glasnevin, Corpus Christi, Drumcondra, Our Mother of Divine Grace, Ballygall Road East, Our Lady of Victories, Ballymun Road, in the Archdiocese of Dublin.

This Saturday 15th August on the feast of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary there will be Mass in Iona Road parish at 10.30am


Congratulations to all the children from St. Vincent’s School, St Columba’s School and Lindsay Road School who have made their Confirmation on Friday 24th of July, Saturday 25th July and Saturday 8th August, here in our church of St. Columba’s .

We welcome the children and their parents and sponsors to our final Confirmation ceremony this Saturday 8th August at 11am.



2nd August 2020



The following measures have been put in place for the safety of everyone:

* Parishioners may only enter by the side door of the church, as we need to count the number of parishioners who enter. We ask parishioners to form a queue along the wheelchair ramp outside the church for a few minutes before they can safely enter. Stewards will be on hand to assist, and while waiting, we invite parishioners to observe the two metre distance.

* For the present only 50 people will be able to attend at any one celebration of Mass. Every second pew has been cordoned off and, apart from family groups, only one person or couple may sit at either end of the available pews.  For the first few Sundays at least parishioners will be seated as they arrive by stewards rather than choosing their own seat.

* Parishioners will be encouraged to wear their own face mask to Mass and to sanitise their hands immediately on entering the church. The location of the hand sanitisers are clearly indicated. Please read and follow the directions on all the signs.

* Parishioners will receive instructions from the celebrant or a steward as to when they may approach the altar to receive Holy Communion. They are asked to keep the two metre distance when approaching the altar and to stretch out their arm fully in order to receive Communion from the priest/minister’s equally outstretched hand.

*Collection baskets will be passed during the Mass by a steward and parishioners and visitors are invited to deposit their offerings (in the envelopes provided) into the baskets.

We want parishioners to feel safe when coming to Mass. There is no expectation on any parishioner at a vulnerable age or with an underlying health condition to attend Sunday Mass. Parishioners who are free during the week are strongly encouraged to attend Mass on a weekday (except Tuesday) rather than on Sunday, so that those who are only free to attend on Sundays may do so.

*The church needs to be cleaned and disinfected after each Mass and before the next one, so we would really welcome the assistance of volunteers.

Mass will continue to be streamed via the webcam facility which can be accessed via the parish website (www.ionaroadparish.ie) at 6.00pm on Saturday and 11.00am each Sunday. and 10.30am weekdays.

Fr. Richard Sheehy

Sunday Morning Mass available by webcam

Monastery of St Alphonsus webcam  @ 9.30am (www.rednuns.com)
Our Lady of Victories webcam @ 10.00am (www.olv.ie)
Iona Rd. webcam @ 11.00am (www.ionaroadparish.ie)
Our Lady of Dolour’s webcam @ 12.00noon (www.glasnevinparish.ie)

Saturday Vigil

Out Mother of Divine Grace Ballygall @ 6.30pm  (www.ballygallparish.ie)

Weekday Mass available by webcam

At 10.00am from Our Mother of Divine Grace, Ballygall (except Wednesday)
At 10.00am from Our Lady of Victories, Ballymun Road (except Friday)
At 11.00am from Our Lady of Dolours, Glasnevin (except Thursday)
At 5.45pm from The Monastery of St. Alphonsus and (9.30am Saturday morning)

Fr. Richard Sheehy and Fr. Paddy Jones.

Helpful contact is our community Garda Paddy Dunne 083 8182230

St. Columba

Sunday – 11am

Our Lady of Victories

Daily Mass 10:00am

Our Lady of Dolours

Daily Mass 11:00am
12pm on Sunday


Daily Mass – 10:00am

Redemptoristine Nuns

Daily Mass 17:45
9.30am on Saturday

Please click on image to view Webcam for this service. Mass times may vary.