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Iona Road Parish

Parish Mission Statement

Welcome to the website of the parish of St Columba, Iona Road, Dublin.The parish of St. Columba is part of the Glasnevin Grouping of Parishes with the parishes of : Our Lady of Dolours, Glasnevin, Corpus Christi, Drumcondra, Our Mother of Divine Grace, Ballygall Road East, Our Lady of Victories, Ballymun Road, in the Archdiocese of Dublin.

Confirmation has been received that, in the light of the very worrying increase in infection in the Dublin area, the entire County Dublin will be placed on Level 3 of the Government’s COVID-19 Resilience and National Recovery Plan, beginning at midnight Friday, 18th Sept. and for at least a three-week period.

The norms apply to all places of worship within County Dublin, including those of religious houses that are generally open to the public.

Places of worship will have to remain closed from midnight, except for private prayer, weddings and funerals.  Attendance at wedding liturgies and funerals would be limited to 25.

Religious services can be transmitted online with no public presence.

We must pray intensely that we will be able to return to public worship at the earliest possible date.

Confirmation and First Communion services will therefore not be possible during this period and will have to be postponed.

I am aware of the fact that these measures will be painful for many.  The decisions are made to respond in the best possible way to an unforeseen and complex situation.

Today, we find ourselves sadly in that situation once again and we are called to make painful sacrifice for the common good.   I appeal to all to enter into this difficult period with that spirit.


Mass will continue to be streamed via the webcam facility which can be accessed via the parish website (www.ionaroadparish.ie) at 6.00pm (vigil)  on Saturday and 11.00am each Sunday. Daily mass also can be accessed via the parish website webcam at 10.30am Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

Fr. Richard Sheehy

Sunday Morning Mass available by webcam

Monastery of St Alphonsus webcam  @ 9.30am (www.rednuns.com)
Our Lady of Victories webcam @ 10.00am (www.olv.ie)
Iona Rd. webcam @ 11.00am (www.ionaroadparish.ie)
Our Lady of Dolour’s webcam @ 11.00am (www.glasnevinparish.ie)

Saturday Vigil

Out Mother of Divine Grace Ballygall @ 6.30pm  (www.ballygallparish.ie)

Weekday Mass available by webcam

At 10.00am from Our Mother of Divine Grace, Ballygall (except Wednesday)
At 10.00am from Our Lady of Victories, Ballymun Road (except Friday)
At 10.00am from Our Lady of Dolours, Glasnevin (except Thursday)
At 5.45pm from The Monastery of St. Alphonsus and (9.30am Saturday morning)

Fr. Richard Sheehy and Fr. Paddy Jones.

Helpful contact is our community Garda Paddy Dunne 083 8182230

St. Columba

Sunday – 11am

Our Lady of Victories

Daily Mass 10:00am

Our Lady of Dolours

Daily Mass 11:00am
12pm on Sunday


Daily Mass – 10:00am

Redemptoristine Nuns

Daily Mass 17:45
9.30am on Saturday

Please click on image to view Webcam for this service. Mass times may vary.