Legion of Mary & Bible Study Group



The Legion of Mary, is an organisation for lay people which was started by Frank Duff in 1921. It has both active and praying members, covering 10 million people in over 170 countries. The active members meet once a week and undertake a variety of  parish works including the visitation of homes, the sick and the elderly,  and discussion groups for young adults.


The first meeting of the Legion of Mary, met in St Columba’s Parish on
Thursday 11 February 2016 and named the new praesidium  
“Our Lady of Lourdes”.
The weekly meetings of this group take place on
Monday morning at 10.00am in the Parish Annex, behind 87 Iona Rd.

If you are interested in learning more please come along.




Bible Study Group

In January 1990 thirty to forty parishioners gathered together in No. 85 Iona Road with Fr. Kennedy as Chaplin for the first meeting of the Bible Study group. At that time the group met every Monday evening from 8.15pm to 9.30pm. To-day a smaller number of people meet every Tuesday morning in the Annex of No. 87 Iona Road at 10.00am.

amDuring this time the bible study group read two chapters of the old testament which is then discussed by the group. Following a break for a cup of tea and a chat another two chapters are read this time from the new testament which is also discussed by the group. In the 19 years that the Bible Study Group has been in existence the Bible has been read a number of times with great enthusiasm and devotion. If you would like to come along and join us please contact the parish office for further information.

The group take a break around Christmas time and during the summer months June, July, August and part of September.


Email the parish website at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it