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Iona Localise is a youth programme where young people aged 12+ come together once a week and talk about what can be done to help our local community. Since September 2008, teenagers from Iona Parish and beyond have been meeting every Thursday at 7.30pm in St. Columba's school hall. We talk about events we want to hold or events we've been asked to plan, brainstorm on how to fundraise for these events and how to make a real difference in our community. One of the first activities we participated in was to plan our ideal community which gave us an opportunity to think about how we could take action and use our talents and skills to help others.

Events we have attended or held to date include...
- A cake sale in October held in St. Columba's church where €1100 was raised for Barretstown and St. Mary's Hospital in the Phoenix Park.
- A visit to the elderly in St. Mary's in December where we gave gifts, sang carols and chatted to the patients there.
- Ice skating at Smithfield was our social event at Christmas.
- An inspiring Valentine's day visit to the enclosed order of the Redemptorists down in St. Alphonsus monastery where we presented the nuns with cards and gifts and spent a very enjoyable hour chatting to them.
- A social event with the Localise group in Clondalkin, which was also attended by other Localise groups from all over Dublin.
- An Easter party held at the end of March for Iona Arch club - a social group for people with special needs. At this event we held dancing competitions, provided refreshments, cards and gifts and also entertained them with our various talents!
- A fashion show on the 1st May in aid of Dublin 15 hospice organised by the Castleknock Localise group, a highly enjoyable night where we had the chance to meet members of their group and experience the great community work they do.


Friday March 8th 2009 was Hard Hat Day for the Niall Mellon Township Trust. This organisation helps build houses for families in South Africa who are living in horrendous conditions in shacks. Some of the 2nd year girls brought hard hat pins to their school and sold them to the other students. The girls raised an incredible €266.00 which will really make a difference to the charity.

At Localise we are treated as equals by the adult leaders and organise our own events and we get a great chance to make new friends and make a real difference in our local community. The group prepare cards for the families of the children Baptised in St. Columba's.(below)






 Peace Corps Localise and Catholic Youth Care are excited to have begun a joint youth initiative in the parish of Iona Road. Peace Corps - Localise is a youth and community development organisation with 35 years of experience in community action and positive citizenship. Catholic Youth Care (CYC) is a leading provider of youth services in the Archdiocese of Dublin. CYC was established in 1944 and set up in its present form in 1977. Our mission is to promote a youth work response that is caring, compassionate and Christian and enables young people to participate more fully in the life of society and church. Localise is a 7 session youth and community action programme. It generally run over a ten week period and it acts as a catalyst to further community action. Adult leaders and young people (aged 13 - 25) are actively engaged in "caring in their community". Localise gives young people an opportunity to engage in community work within their local area and allows them to explore their skills and talents and to use them for the service of others.

Adult leaders from the local community, with the support of localise and CYC (Catholic Youth Care) staff, facilitate the delivery of localise active citizenship programme. These adult leaders have undertaken training, including child protection training and each leader has received Garda Vetting Clearance.
Localise meetings take place Thursday evenings from 7.30pm to 8.45pm.
The timing of the meeting for special events nights (community action) may be different and members will be advised of the times nearer to the event.

If you have any further questions please contact a member of the localise staff team on

01-497 9010.


Email the parish website at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it